Bergin's Expert Team

Serkan Demircan

Serkan is the founder of Bergin Tours. He speaks English, Russian and Turkish. Serkan has worked in the travel industry for over 15 years. He loves football and Turkish movies. One of his best skills is brining all this beatiful people together.

Yuksel Celik

Yuksel is one of our English guides, and has worked with us for as long as we can remember. Yuksel loves the great outdoors including biking and trekking. He is also an avid reader with a passion in travelling.

Tolkin Ramazanova

Tolkin is one of our new members. She speaks Russian, and enjoys talking about history and cinema. She loves skiing and walking in nature.

Ismail Umut Kurt

Umut joined our family 6 years ago. He is a workaholic. Besides history books, you can talk to him about PC games. He also has a model bus collection.

Filiz Capraz Teleri

Filiz is one of our English Guides and she has worked with us for over 3 years. She loves talking about Archaeology and History. Travelling is one of her other passion.

Resit Berker

Resit is another valuable member of our fam. He speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. I am sure while I am writing this he is learning another one. He loves to talk about history, cinema and football.

Ali Riza Kiran

Ali Riza is a gem in the family. He is a sophisticated person with interest in Prehistory vs Neolithic Archeology. He is also a Vinyl LP collector. He loves nature and walking in his free time.

Erdem Eryilmaz

Erdem has been with us for over 5 years. He loves fishing and adventure sports. He speaks Dutch and English. He is one our unique members and we are lucky to have him in our fam.

Anil Pak

Anil is a Software Developer who is volunteering with us to adopt our business model to the digital world. He loves CrossFit and cooking, and lives in Melbourne.